Our Commitment to Education

Eco Friendly is committed to education of the public and potential industry employees in alternative energy and clean technologies. Our Company's education affiliates provide a range of opportunities from lectures and seminars for businesses, non-profit groups, government and schools, to training programs for management and line employees leading to professional certifications such as PV Installer, Project Manager, and Leed© Accredited Professional. We also provide links to other sites providing online information about current and historical developments in alternative energy and clean technologies.

California Institute of Nanotechnology

California Institute of Nanotechnology conducts research and development and provides professional education and training in the frontier of nanotechnology and clean technology to meet the needs of the emerging industry for the benefit of the society.

The California Institute of Nanotechnology serves as a central hub in developing international curricula for workforce training in nanotech and clean tech industry, as well as conducting advanced & applied research in nanotechnology to help solve major problems facing mankind such as shortage of energy and global environmental issues.

With our expertise and a large network of world class collaborators focusing a broad spectrum of nanosciences and nanotechnology, we provide a Certified Nanotechnology & Clean Technology Professional Certificate Program and business and advanced technical consulting services to a number large multinational corporations around the world.

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Clean Tech Institute

Clean Tech Institute provides expert management consulting services on strategic planning, corporate development, business positioning, and capital funding assistance in the emerging clean tech industry.  In partnership with the International Association of Nanotechnology, the Institute provides workforce training as well as facilitating the deployment and use of clean tech solutions by business, government, universities and other institutions.

Our areas of expertise: workforce education and training; corporate environmental strategy; business re-engineering and acceleration; research and product development planning; product and marketing positioning; and facilitating and managing the Clean Consortium. The Consortium will facilitate the creation jobs and foster economic growth in California through an extensive education and training program, and research and commercialization of emerging technologies in the areas of nanotechnology, bioscience and clean technology.

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International Association of Nanotechnology

International Association of Nanotechnology is a non-profit professional Association with the goal of providing advanced education and training in the emerging fields of nanotechnology and clean technology worldwide for the benefit of society. The Association has been recently awarded the President's High Growth Job Training Initiative Grant in the amount of $1.5 million under the auspices of the US Department of Labor to set up the California Institute of Nanotechnology Training Center in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. A portion of the grant can be used to develop nanotechnology workforce training programs, as envisioned in the scope of The Consortium.

The Consortium is a partnership that includes the Association, California Institute of Nanotechnology and the Clean Tech Institute. The Consortium' activities will include: developing a highly-skilled talent pool and education pipeline (K-16); providing workforce training in Nano-Bio-Clean Tech industry; leveraging the California Institute of Nanotechnology, as established through the President's High Growth Job Training Initiative, for purposes of creating a Nano-Bio-Clean Tech (NBC) Advanced Manufacturing Training Center in San Jose; developing and implementing an outreach campaign to teach and accelerate talent development in middle schools, high schools and colleges and universities to promote math, science and engineering education including expansion of STEM educational opportunities for sixth- to twelve graders; organizing seminars and workshops to outreach and find jobs for dislocated workers to participate in high growth and high wage industries; developing a state-of-the-art on-line distance learning program with remote control capability to empower instructors to control sophisticated instruments located at a research center to facilitate teaching of advanced manufacturing courses in remote locations; organizing outreach programs to universities, research institutes and private companies in California to foster research and development dedicated to harnessing revolutionary developments in nanotechnology to find breakthroughs that will provide new energy solutions, particularly focusing on renewable fuels to minimize global warming; and developing and implementing workforce training programs.

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Provokare Presentations

Provokare Presentations offers fun, dynamic educational and entertaining presentations that will inspire people to see the impact they have on all the things that touch their lives, and demonstrate how they can positively change their lifestyle to live examined intentional lives with reverence for our planet and all beings.

Presentation formats let you discover the importance of each issue and how it involves you as an individual. Then they offer practical solutions and examples from personal experiences on how you can apply solutions to your own life.

Depending on what you want to accomplish, Provokare presentations can be adapted to your audience through your choice of subjects, lengths and format.  The presentation can be as simple as an inspirational speech to raise key social responsibility issues in which your group can participate, or a longer format that includes visual aids, handouts and audience participation segments.  They can also be incorporated into a wide variety of events and locations.

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United States Green Building Council

United States Green Building Council is a non-profit community of leaders working to make green buildings accessible to everyone within a generation.

USGBC offers online, private corporate and private college student courses for individuals with limited or no prior knowledge of green building techniques, courses for individuals familiar with LEED Rating Systems and green building techniques, courses for individuals working on a registered LEED project, and courses leading to becoming a LEED Accredited Professional.

USGBC's Education Provider Program provides a comprehensive review and certification of locally developed programs by chapters or members. This facilitates broader access to continuing education and professional development courses.

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Workforce Institute of America

Workforce Institute of America's primary goal is to meet the needs of the workforce in the changing economic environment, by providing career counseling, high quality training and career advancement opportunities that lead to rewarding jobs in emerging high growth industries for incumbent and transitional workers nationwide in the United States.

WIA has formed strategic partnership with the International Association of Nanotechnology, the California Institute of Nanotechnology and the Clean Tech Institute to: address the region's skilled worker shortage by providing high quality industry driven training; empower and equip underemployed workers to get jobs in the emerging high growth industries such as biotech, nanotech and clean tech; create career ladder opportunities for the dislocated workers that lead to good jobs and self-sufficiency; inspire, and provide vocational training and prepare disadvantaged youth for rewarding jobs in the community.

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Our Company's education affiliates provide a range of opportunities.

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